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John Wilhoit is a real estate professional specializing in residential asset management and property management. John has an undergraduate Degree in Business and a Master’s Degree in Urban Studies. Learn more about John here.

Jan 18

Counting Cars and Rental Property Marketing

By John Wilhoit | Podcasts , Property Management Podcasts

Today’s episode is counting cars and rental property marketing. Measuring traffic goes way beyond counting cars anymore, of course. There’s been a paradigm shift.

[00:00:16] There’s a different way of thinking today as opposed to even two or five years ago. Anymore we don’t talk about cars as much as we talk about marketing or branding. From measuring car counts, we now talk about social media impressions or interactions. But let’s not discount car counts just yet because most people arrive at your door from a vehicle.

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Jan 11

Cap Rates – The Great Equalizer

By John Wilhoit | Podcasts , Real Estate Investing Podcasts

Today we’re talking about cap rates, what I call the great equalizer. I say this because we make the presumption that cap rates are just that- an equalizer amongst all property types for all the deals that we’re looking at. If that’s true it means that we’re always getting net operating income (NOI) right from the beginning. If we have a good NOI then we probably can always come up with a good cap rate.

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Dec 27

Property Management: Offense, Defense and Special Teams

By John Wilhoit | Property Management

It’s football season! America’s great spectator sport is front and center for the playoffs.  In professional football, serious resources go into the process of placing a good team on the field.  Each team has three smaller teams within each team; offense, defense and special teams. Every good property manager needs the same structure.   Is your property management pro-active?  Are responsibility centers clear?  Who is responsible for marketing, for emergency maintenance, for answering the phone?

Are you fielding a good team?

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Dec 21

Big Trends Affecting Real Estate Values

By John Wilhoit | Podcasts , Real Estate Investing Podcasts

Welcome to today’s episode: Big trends affecting real estate values. We have four areas we want to cover today. The first is technology followed by demographics, urban density and then demand for housing. Those are our four big trends. Yes, there’s 40 but hey we can’t do them all in 20 minutes. Today we’re talking about:

  • Technology (Utility Costs, Construction Design/Architecture, Mobility)
  • Demographics (Smaller families, SRO, Seniors housing, Relocation)
  • Urban Density (Population explosion in downtowns, Suburbs as City-Centers)
  • Housing Demand (Life-time Renters, Economic Knowledge)

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Dec 14

3 Reasons to Create Strategic Vacancy

By John Wilhoit | Podcasts , Property Management Podcasts

Today’s episode is about the case for strategic vacancy. Why would we want to create vacancy? Strategic vacancy is always planned and it has a purpose. Usually the purpose is to increase rents (we’re talking about rental property). We’re always looking to increase rents but rent is not always about price.  There are three reasons to create strategic vacancy.  They are:

  • Asset Renovation
  • Asset Re-positioning
  • Removal/replacement of low quality clients/customers

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Oct 16

Understanding Leverage and Liquidity in Real Estate Investing

By John Wilhoit | Podcasts , Real Estate Investing Podcasts

Today’s segment is about understanding leverage and liquidity in real estate investing. We want to focus on real estate financing. To frame this conversation, I’m talking about real estate assets, or investments, under five-million dollars. Once you get about five-million dollars then you’re competing in the professional class. With assets under five-million dollars, most of those real estate assets are purchased by local people in local markets.

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