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Feb 27

Real Estate Due Diligence – The Short Version

By John Wilhoit | Podcasts , Real Estate Investing Podcasts

Today’s show is about real estate due diligence and a little bit about the real estate closing process. Of course, we can’t cover the entire process in 20 minutes or less. I’ll tell you what -we’re going to make a stab at it. I believe that you’ll find at least one new thing that you did not know before about what’s necessary for commercial assets to be acquired, or closed, and the things that are required prior to that closing which we call the due diligence process.
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Feb 20

Sources and Uses of Market Information in Real Estate

By John Wilhoit | Podcasts , Real Estate Investing Podcasts

This episode is entitled Sources and Uses of Market Information in Real Estate. We’re talking about decision analysis for making real estate acquisitions. As much as that’s a mouthful, the easier title is finding and using market information for making real estate decision. We have two different areas; one is sources of market information and the other is uses of market information. I’m going to suggest you to please download the spotlight page and have that in front of you when you’re listening or download it for future reference because it makes the things I’m about to share with you a lot simpler to follow.

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Jan 25

5 Sources of Yield from Real Estate Investing + IRR

By John Wilhoit | Podcasts , Real Estate Investing Podcasts

Welcome to today’s episode: 5 Sources of Yield from Real Estate Investing.

[00:00:06] We do have five sources. Most of you know what they are. But I’m going to go into a little bit more detail and insert my bend, or my perspective, on the five sources of income that generate yield which leads to a higher internal rate of return when they’re all deployed by your investment dollars.

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Jan 18

Counting Cars and Rental Property Marketing

By John Wilhoit | Podcasts , Property Management Podcasts

Today’s episode is counting cars and rental property marketing. Measuring traffic goes way beyond counting cars anymore, of course. There’s been a paradigm shift.

[00:00:16] There’s a different way of thinking today as opposed to even two or five years ago. Anymore we don’t talk about cars as much as we talk about marketing or branding. From measuring car counts, we now talk about social media impressions or interactions. But let’s not discount car counts just yet because most people arrive at your door from a vehicle.

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Jan 11

Cap Rates – The Great Equalizer

By John Wilhoit | Podcasts , Real Estate Investing Podcasts

Today we’re talking about cap rates (and the cap rate formula), what I call the great equalizer. I say this because we make the presumption that cap rates are just that- an equalizer amongst all property types for all the deals that we’re looking at. If that’s true it means that we’re always getting net operating income (NOI) right from the beginning. If we have a good NOI then we probably can always come up with a good cap rate.

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