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Apr 17

Property Management: 5 Crazy Easy Cost Cutting Strategies

By John Wilhoit | Property Management

Let’s just say you are already over worked, understaffed and touching the limits of a stretched budget with your multifamily assets. As the comedian Ron White opines; “Let’s just say”.  Now what?  What do I have to add to your already overflowing, brimming  plate?  Hopefully, a few things that will lighten the load by freeing up some dollars and, eventually, staff time.  Sometimes we need precision cutting tools, other times, a big axe.

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Dec 27

Property Management: Offense, Defense and Special Teams

By John Wilhoit | Property Management

It’s football season! America’s great spectator sport is front and center for the playoffs.  In professional football, serious resources go into the process of placing a good team on the field.  Each team has three smaller teams within each team; offense, defense and special teams. Every good property manager needs the same structure.   Is your property management pro-active?  Are responsibility centers clear?  Who is responsible for marketing, for emergency maintenance, for answering the phone?

Are you fielding a good team?

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Aug 01

Rent Roll Basics

By John Wilhoit | Property Management , Real Estate Investment

The rent roll is a simple document.  Honest. Problem is that people complicate the document by providing too little or too much information and call it a rent roll.  What is a basic rent roll?

A Rent Roll is: The property owner’s representation of rental income.

There.  Wasn’t that easy?  What belongs on the rent roll?  Just the facts, please.  An exceptionally detailed rent roll may have twenty to forty columns of data but the core data is very small and succinct.  It includes:

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