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Apr 12

Two Rules of Real Estate Investing

By John Wilhoit | Homeownership , Real Estate Investment

The first rule of investing is preservation of capital.  The second rule of investing is having an appropriate allocation strategy that encompasses an array of investment asset classes, otherwise known as diversification.  Are there more rules?  Yes, but none more important than these two.  Preservation of capital, diversification of investments; both rules apply to real estate investing as well.

Preservation of capital is imperative because without it there are no future investment decisions to make.  Having an allocation strategy is helpful in assuring your basket of investments maintains a reasonable level of balance between investment types; not becoming over-weighted in a single category.

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Sep 06

Real Estate Investing Requires: Expertise, Money and Time (EMT)

By John Wilhoit | Real Estate Investment

The way some people invest in real estate you would think an EMT (Emergency Medical Technician) should be on call at all hours.  There is another EMT that can more directly impact your real estate investments.  The EMT I am referring to is expertise, money and time.  A successful real estate investor needs all three working together to have a successful investment.

Expertise, money and time applied to real property assets is the trifecta of a quality investment. Throwing money at real estate, or any investment, without oversight or up front thinking about intended outcomes creates a vacuum.  And we all know vacuum’s suck up everything- including money.

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Aug 01

Rent Roll Basics

By John Wilhoit | Property Management , Real Estate Investment

The rent roll is a simple document.  Honest. Problem is that people complicate the document by providing too little or too much information and call it a rent roll.  What is a basic rent roll?

A Rent Roll is: The property owner’s representation of rental income.

There.  Wasn’t that easy?  What belongs on the rent roll?  Just the facts, please.  An exceptionally detailed rent roll may have twenty to forty columns of data but the core data is very small and succinct.  It includes:

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Jul 07

Seven Sins in Real Estate Investing

By John Wilhoit | Real Estate Investment

When the pendulum swings in real estate investing, it covers the entire reach of the pivot- back and forth. Sometimes the pivot is pricing, another time occupancy, or availability of financing.  Or just plain market stability.  You will occasionally see a market in balance but this seems to be the exception to the rule.

Wait, hold that thought. Let’s say your assets are in a stable market, expectations are for continued stability and the asset is meeting your financial expectations. Do you buy, hold or sell? This is where many people get that uneasy feeling. This can’t be right- stability? What an unusual thing! Continue reading

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