First Time Home Buyer Loans and 10 Ways to Find Your Down Payment

Before you can purchase a home, every home first time home buyer loan provider will ask about how much cash you have for a down payment.  Banks, credit units, mortgage bankers all have this same question.  While they all want to help you in your pursuit of a home loan the first question is always toe same: what is the source of your down payment?  This free email course provides options for generating a down payment for purchasing that first home for you and your family.

One of the biggest barriers to first time home-ownership is finding cash for your down payment.  This email course provides options on how to find your down payment without having to rely on cash-in-the-bank now.

Home-ownership is a process and part of the sequence is having cash for a down payment. It doesn’t have to happen all in one day or even one month.  Getting there requires a good plan, focused effort, outlined objectives and a goal!  Getting that first time home buyer loan is also a process and also takes time to put all the pieces together.

Home-ownership is the bedrock of building wealth.  There is no buying a second home, or third, without first buying the first one, right?  Of course, there is far more to the process than just picking out a home with pretty colors and a nice door front.

This free email course will get you thinking outside of the box for purposes of gaining access to cash for down payment funds “faster” with the help of others rather than your efforts alone and without looking for a hand out, but a hand up.

Who should take this email course?  Anyone serious about becoming a homeowner.  Start now!

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