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25 Biggest Mistakes Real Estate Buyers Make (And Often)

From my multifamily blog, Multifamily Insight, one of the most popular articles ever is Real Estate Property Acquisitions: The Five Biggest Mistakes Real Estate Buyers Make (And Often).This e-mail course is an extension of that list beginning with the five mentioned in the article.We hope you find this both educational and profitable.

You will find a lot of “not’s” in this course. Its’ the nature of the subject matter. Always seek professional counsel when engaged in acquisitions. This email course is not a substitute for professional counsel and should not be relied on for actual investment decisions.

Here we go…

There are 1,001 potential mistakes in any purchase of real estate assets that await the non-professional. My objective here is to highlight only a few, some obvious, some not so obvious. For this writing, I am referring to real estate properties purchased in the price range of $2-$10 million dollars. This represents a slice of real estate investments where many people start; those with an interest in the asset class, but not necessarily full-time professionals devoting their daylight hours to running a real estate business. Following are at the top of my list of common crash points.