12 Steps to Homeownership

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The one over-arching objective of this book is to provide sound, practical step-by-step guidance on buying your first home while avoiding as many pitfalls as possible. 12 Steps to Home-Ownership presumes your exclusive reason for purchasing a home is to live in the home. 12 Steps to Home-Ownership is for people considering home-ownership and have a willingness to become educated about the process in advance so that when the opportunity comes their learning curve is short.

The book is designed to prepare you for that moment in time when you can sign a contract for a home with confidence knowing that you’ve made a quality decision.

Home-ownership is the bedrock of building wealth. This book is a DIY version to home buying providing tools and guidance for asking the right questions in advance of making the home buying decision. 

The objective of this book is to draw a road map to the decision-making process for becoming a homeowner. If you can purchase a home anywhere what are some of the absolute realities a first-time homeowner should consider before buying.

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