There is nothing more personal than home and homeownership.

To the best of our ability, we try to have complete control over this place on earth where we live and make our home for family, friends, and loved ones. The challenge of homeownership, first, is getting a home.  The second challenge is keeping it; obtaining a quality mortgage loan with fixed-rate financing and a payment that fits your financial circumstances. 

Everything on JohnWilhoit.com, about homeownership, is based on the book 12 Steps to Homeownership. This baseline will get you from where you are now to becoming a homeowner.  Take full advantage of the Spotlight Pages about homeownership, free to subscribers. 

About the Mortgage Industry

Most lenders act as intermediaries - they are not loaning their own money. Lenders follow rules and regulations that allow them to earn fees for processing mortgages.  So most lenders have two clients; the entity they are packaging the loan for and you.  Lenders are packaging thousand's of mortgages each month whereas you need just one loan. But that one mortgage loan can change your life.  To get to loan approval and closing, consider the following:

The best thing you can do to assure your loan will get funded is to know and understand the rules of the game before you begin.  Get a checklist of everything your lender requires before starting the process.  Make sure you have a decent understanding about each item on the checklist and a high level of confidence that you can provide everything requested - as in everything - not just most things.  Doing this in advance of your application for a mortgage exponentially increases your chances of success.

Read 12 Steps to Homeownership to learn more. For example, there is hardly a circumstance where a variable-rate loan is better than a fixed-rate loan.  Read the book, access the articles on this website and use the mortgage calculator in preparation for becoming a homeowner.

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