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JohnWilhoit.com started in 2015 with articles about multifamily operations, management, acquisitions, and financing. Since then, John has written more than 300 articles and five books. JohnWilhoit.com curates the best of this content, adding new content to share with rental property owners, operators, and property managers about how to profit from ownership, preserve assets, and manage owner risk.

This website is about assisting current and future property owners, operators, and investors in executing specific tasks that allow rental property assets to operate at their highest level of efficiency.  The focus is on best practices in rental property management and methods related to how to buy, own, and manage rental property.  Our focus is on sharing strategies and tactics that can be implemented and measured.

He is an expert in Asset Management, property & portfolio management, construction oversight, and re-positioning.  A proven record of success in training management teams for optimal performance. He excels in matching market demographics with entity offerings, market, financial analysis, and investor/stakeholder relations.

Changing the World through Content, Calculators, and Search

JohnWilhoit.com delivers proprietary content, calculators, and answers you can find nowhere else. It's a subscription-based model that allows users to be pure consumers of content around areas of interest.  You can calculate investor metrics on your own or interact with JW on your most personal real estate matters that require a high level of expertise applied to a specific real estate problem – your particular real estate problem. 

The content is in multiple formats, from blogs to podcasts, special reports, and search. The Q&A archives present ready-answers to questions posed by people that have reached out for clarity, guidance, or direction about their circumstances. Often, many people will have similar circumstances and can gain insight from the answers they find on JohnWilhoit.com from:

  • Ask JW – Answers to questions about your real estate circumstances.
  • Search – a search function that delivers content from all corners of JohnWilhoit.com. 
  • Special reports – from Spotlight Pages, The Five Points, and 21 Questions Series.
  • Real Estate Navigator Calculator – a snapshot page created from your inputs that delivers 18 financial outputs on a single page – in real-time. REN-Calc. Only on JohnWilhoit.com.
  • Rent Roll Triangle Calculator – based on JWs book of the same name. A calculator that delivers a property score based on the strength of rental income – in real-time.  RRT-Calc. Only on JohnWilhoit.com. 
  • Blogs about real estate investing.
  • Podcast with industry professionals in real estate.

An Archive of Answers for Rental Property Owners, Operators, and Managers

When people seek solutions, they need an honest answer from a person or company with specialized knowledge to progress towards a quality decision.  John believes that while it's good to gain guidance from a book or article, it's even better if you can find the answer you need from a vast online information archive related to your real estate problem. The long-term goal of JohnWilhoit.com is to answer 10,000 questions. That's the goal. How long it will take to get there will be found along the journey. 

The "why" to JohnWilhoit.com is grounded in helping as many people as close as possible to real-time.  Real estate is a slow-moving asset class until something goes wrong.  Too often, people are waiting past the point of no return; they hold out in the hope that an answer, method, or strategy will materialize, saving them from the problem.  Pro-active people seek answers as soon as possible to try and reduce the damage, right the ship, and move towards a productive outcome. 

Books by JW

  • How to Read a Rent Roll:  A guide to understanding rental income
  • Rent Roll Triangle: A three-step process to performing evidence-based due diligence of real estate income
  • Multifamily Insight Vol I - How to Build Wealth
  • Multifamily Insight Vol II - How to Build Wealth
  • 12 Steps to Homeownership - A guide for first-time homeowners
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