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0 Date
1 Property Name
Property Address
Property City, State, Zip
Number of Units
Year Built
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Financial Assumptions

2 Property Acquisitions
Cost $
Direct Equity % $
Financing % $
3 Equity Contribution
Direct Equity for Acquisitions $
Organizational Expenses and Partnership Formation $ Offset to equity as cost of raising capital
Acquisition fee $ Capitalized as part of building cost
Closing costs $ Amortized over period of loan
Cash $
Capital Expenditure Reserves $ Cash reserves
Total Equity $
4 Annual capital expenditure cash reserves % of rental income
5 Annual rental income, historical year:
6 Vacancy rate of potential rental income %
7 Annual operating expenses, year 1: % of rental income historical year
9 Annual increase in rental income %
10 Annual increase in operating expenses %
11 Other income % of net rental income
12 Annual distributions % of Cash Flow less Debt Repay & Capital Ex
13 Working capital items:
Rent receivable % of 1 month's rent
Accounts payable and accrued expenses 1.00 months operating expenses
14 Depreciable lives:
Land Non-depreciable 20% of complex cost
Site improvements 5% of complex cost
Equipment incl. in building 10% of complex cost
Organization costs
Closing costs
Acquisition Costs
15 Capitalization Rate: % Net operating income Historical / Property Acquisitions Cost
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