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John Wilhoit is a subject-matter expert and thought-leader in institutional real estate asset management – multifamily. JW works in the profession full-time with asset management responsibilities for $1B (one billion dollars) in AUM (Assets Under Management) with 20% of the portfolio transactional  (buy/sell/re-financing/redevelopment).

"I hope to provide meaningful service to the largest number of people possible; to integrate social equity with integrity, skill, inclusiveness, and ideas that can change the world for rental property owners and operators, one person and one property at a time."  -John Wilhoit

Real Estate Career and Experience

Mr. Wilhoit is the author of several books on real estate investing and operations, including his bestseller How To Read A Rent Roll. His career has focused on high-volume, large-scale multifamily communities, including market rate and mixed-finance developments. John's experience includes institutional asset management and personal ownership of multifamily apartments.

JW has previously held positions with the Department of Housing & Urban Development (HUD), National Corporation for Housing Partnerships (NCHP), Apartment Investment Management Company (AIMCO), and the Department of Credit Assurance (Maryland Housing Fund). 

Mr. Wilhoit holds an undergraduate degree in Business from Pepperdine University and a Masters in Urban & Regional Planning from Alabama A&M University. Thesis: Strategic Management of Commercial Real Estate Assets Utilizing Geographic Information System Technology.

Personally, John has owned hundreds of units. Professionally, he has had asset management responsibility for thousands of apartments (over 14,500 at last count). John can easily discuss maintenance, marketing, property management selection, financing, demographics, and market analysis at every scale.

As an institutional advisor, consultant, and owner, this unique blending of experience provides John's clients (and you) an unmatched level of knowledge on how to purchase, operate, and profit from building and owning your real estate empire.

Books by JW

  • How to Read a Rent Roll:  A guide to understanding rental income
  • Rent Roll Triangle: A three-step process to performing evidence-based due diligence of real estate income
  • Multifamily Insight Vol I - How to Build Wealth
  • Multifamily Insight Vol II - How to Build Wealth
  • 12 Steps to Homeownership - A guide for first-time homeowners
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Speaking Engagements

  • Keynote Speaker (Denver) – Bigger Pockets
  • Keynote Speaker (Atlanta) – Corelogic
  • Keynote Speaker (San Jose) – San Jose REI
  • Keynote Speaker (Los Angeles) - Income Property Management Expo
  • Keynote Speaker (Nationwide) - Real Estate Symposiums and Investment Clubs

My career has focused on Multifamily asset management. Having worked in 38 states across the U.S, representing real estate investors, agencies, and non-profit developers, the objective is always the same: assess owner risk and make recommendations on how to deploy capital.

Along this journey, I have made a ton of mistakes. With my success and errors came knowledge from real-life experiences and lessons learned that could benefit my readers, clients, friends, and institutional investors.

I have seen one-page offer letters win over 150-page LOI's (Letters of Intent). I have seen newly installed roofs sliding off buildings and mid-rise apartments with a basement filled with five-feet sewer water. I have seen developments that should be demolished that are fully occupied  and brand new developments sitting empty. 

I have walked developments where residents regulate heat by opening windows, intentional double-billing for materials, $10,000 water bills that should have been $100, property managers that are super-stars, and property managers that should be terminated – immediately. 

Add to this some unique experiences: a tax credit deal that never obtained their 8609s, Nuns as developer, general contractors as lenders, multi-million dollar properties sold for $1 and sellers writing checks at closing. 

I have assessed investment risk and recommended strategy for individual assets and portfolios, from Portland Oregon to Providence Rhode Island, Boston to New Orleans, Farmington New Mexico to upstate New York, Upper Wisconsin to Houston Texas, from Phoenix AZ to Columbus, Ohio. The journey continues…

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