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Property Management presents content in two broad categories: information for people new to property management and content for full-time professionals. Our objective is to provide new ideas and knowledge, validate your thinking, and sometimes create that spark towards a "course correction" that will advance important decisions.  

The two categories of property management.

Property Management presents content in two broad categories: information for people new to property management and content for full-time professionals. 

Our objective is to add new ideas for full-time property management professionals, validate your thinking, provide new knowledge, and sometimes offer further information towards a "course correction" that will advance important decisions. 

For Property Management Professionals

Start with articles and special reports about property management best practices. Learn about rent roll analysis and how to apply industry methods to your real estate portfolio. Use the Rent Roll Triangle Calculator and Real Estate Navigator (REN-Calc) to laser focus on finding opportunities for financial gain. Listen to the podcast on growing revenue and controlling expenses. Read How to Read a Rent Roll and become a master of rent roll analytics.

For those New to Property Management

Property management is a profession. I urge you to avoid "practicing" property management until your skills are up to speed – particularly on owned assets. The actual cost of a long learning curve can be devastating to your real estate investments. Leverage the expertise of industry professionals and focus your time on what you do best.

The content we provide on is intended to shorten the learning curve for those new to the profession of property management. If you decide that property management is something you want to do – great! But get the training and experience over time, and don't throw yourself into the fire with a "how hard can it be" attitude. From operations to marketing, fair housing to maintenance – there's a lot to learn. Learning property management is doable, just not in a week or a month.

People like to complain about property management fees and have a perspective that the job is very straightforward. It is when you know what to do and how to apply business acumen to the work. But, like any other profession, there are varying degrees of expertise. If you are new to the profession, just realize that it takes time to learn the ropes. is an excellent place to start. delivers proprietary content, calculators, and answers you can find nowhere else. It's a subscription-based model that allows users to be pure consumers of content around areas of interest. You can calculate investor metrics on your own or interact with JW on your most personal real estate issues that require a high level of expertise applied to a specific real estate problem – your real estate problem.

The content is in multiple formats, from articles to podcasts, special reports, and search. The Q&A archives present ready-answers to questions posed by people that have reached out for clarity, guidance, or direction about their circumstances. Often, many people will have similar circumstances and can gain insight from the answers they find on

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