21 Questions Series: Twenty-one Ways To Nail Down Real Estate Site Data

Are you considering an investment in real estate? A review of site data provides that initial insight you need to take the next steps. As buyers of real estate, site data questions are imperative to understanding your potential new investment. Every appraiser would love to have this site data before beginning an assignment. Site data applies to raw land and skyscrapers, duplexes, and luxury homes. The "retail" purchaser of real estate just doesn't think in the vocabulary of site data. Most of the data points are common sense; some require cursory research or a phone call.

Whether reviewing a real estate asset for acquisition, financing, or other purposes, collecting this baseline site data can jump-start the process and save tons of time for completing the transaction or possibly just getting you to a "cutline" much sooner – that go or no-go decision point that allows you to move on to the next deal.

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